Cassauna 5 Pack

All 5 of our new tapes for $40

SAUNA49   A440


Get all 5 of our new tapes for $40:

1. Florian TM Zeisig "You Look So Serious"
    The artist spliced a cassette of Enya's "Watermark" album into 426 four second long tape loops and painstakingly reassembled the pieces. The work touches on subjects of mainstream music and popular culture, juxtaposing it and aiming to introduce a discourse on institutional elitism, privilege in the general context of sound/performance art. In the process evaluating its boundaries while staying as close as possible to the original medium.

2. Tom Eaton "Acips"   
    Tom Eaton has been releasing private press New Age albums since the 1980's and is currently the engineer at William Ackerman's Imaginary Road Studio. SPICA/ACIPS presents Tom's work with a more stripped down/slowed down aesthetic.

3. David Burraston "Wagga Ham Shack"
    Wagga Ham Shack is an extensive, ambient recording of the Wired Lab's Global Communications Radio Club installation held at the Waga Waga Fusion Multicultural Festival in Oct. 2015. The incredible analog/digital sounds of short wave radio Ham's mix with David Burraston's accompanying synthesizer work to create an incredibly useful ambient environment.

4. QST "2023"
    QST is the work of Frans DeWaard and its focus is on beat oriented electronic music. DeWaard abandoned the QST project at some point in the 90's but returned to it once he was able to get the drum sound he was searching for.

5. Perhaps "V & 4"
     Jim Haney's Perhaps is a pounding, dense re-imagining of their recent album for Riot Season. Includes members of the Acid Mothers Temple.