Dominique Leone

Abstract Expression

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Abstract Expression is the second album from San Francisco-based avant-pop producer Dominique Leone, and first for vanguard American experimental music label Important Records.

Dominique is a classically trained artist and composer originally from Texas. He’s one of a growing number of college-educated musical auteurs with more than a slight command of pop history and theory chops, and writing songs for joyous, infatuated (or over saturated) people. All of his music could be considered “pop” of a sort, though with dashes of prog, classical music, electronica, and even noise. It’s catchy but ambitious; crafted but not sterile; interesting but not pretentious. It’s just a lot fun!

He lists Brian Wilson, Claude Debussy, Randy Newman, Paul McCartney, Andy Partridge, Glenn Gould, ABBA, Miles Davis, Magma, Fleetwood Mac and Olivier Messiaen as personal heroes. He’s played, written or recorded with Lindstrom, Boredoms, Mungolian JetSet, Kevin Blechdom, Cryptacize, Sonic Youth’s William Winant, R. Stevie Moore, Wobbly, MaryClare Brzytwa, Odawas and many others.

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1.    Abstract Expression

2.    Cover Yourself

3.    Sometimes You've Got To Be Happy

4.    I'm The Police

5.    Sometimes Things Don't Work Out

6.    Happy New Year

7.    Someone

8.    Reasonable Snow

9.    Nellie McKay

10.    Ewa Vs. Mollie

11.    The End


"Dominique Leone's Abstract Expression: magnificent, manic, micromanaged baroque pop, like a peak-era Rundgren, Fripp & Battles collab." Seattle Stranger

“What Battles has done for math rock, Leone is doing for prog-pop: giving it a kitsch-free futuristic thrust that sets the standard for 21st-century practitioners of the genre.” 9/10, Staff Pick -- XLR8R, 2008

“This is a striking, accomplished debut that hints at whole new realms of possibility.” 4-stars -- All-Music Guide, 2008

“Leone takes musical hairpin turns with such mischievous glee that you can visualize the Road Runner blithely zipping across jagged mountain highways as Wile E. Coyote tumbles off cliff after cliff. --- The Village Voice, 2008

“Dominique Leone is impressively organic, with detailed compositions that neither hide artifice nor flaunt it. Leone seems to have eyes in the back of his head, watching pop history while pushing it forward. -- Pitchfork, 2008

“Dominique Leone is one of the best releases of the year, combining a producerly sense of dynamics and range that's equally dub-, classical-, and disco-influenced, with choruses and melodies that seize your attention and never really let go.” -- Dusted Magazine, 2008


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