Diane Cluck

Macy's Day Bird/Black with Green Leaves

imprec078   2xCD

This deluxe double cd, priced the same as a single disc, pairs up Diane Cluck''s 2nd full length album Macy''s Day Bird with the ep titled Black With Green Leaves. Both were originally was released by Diane in an elaborate tiny handmade edtions. These are arguably Diane''s most compelling, immediate and striking records and it was these two recordings that originally caught the ear of Important Records in 2001.

Macy''s Day Bird/Black With Green Leaves is highly recommended to Diane''s many new fans who picked up on her after the release of Oh Vanille/Ova Nil in early 2005. The attentive listener will find her hauntingly clear voice weaving melodies of love, pain and city life through sparse arrangements of piano, acoustic guitar and harmonium. This material is newly restored/mastered by James Fei.


Oh Vanille/Ova Nil was recently given the status of No. 2 US Underground album of 2005 by the UK''s esteemed Mojo Magazine.


"i made these albums a few years ago for myself and friends about myself and friends.

to me they''re total fidelity recordings-- true documents of how i felt / what i experienced

in a particular time and place there. have been suggestions that i rerecord

to make the songs sound some version of more appealing...

but i''d rather keep flowing / playing in the moment things come out right the first time

even if they are hard to look at / hear in that form those tend to be the forms

which teach me the most about myself / the world...don''t apologize for yrself !

be a mess...be whatever...

these songs were important for me to make & record if they''re useful / helpful to other people

i''m glad about that !" - Diane Cluck


- This is the material that got Diane "signed" to Important Records.

- This double cd is housed in a deluxe gatefold cardboard sleeve of the highest quality and priced modestly as a single cd

- Diane''s previous album on Important was met with much acclaim and Mojo magazine elected it underground album of the month who also ranked it in their top 10 underground albums of 2005

- Diane has toured Europe and the United States extensively in the last few years.

- She appeared alongside Iron & Wine, Vertiver, Joanna Newsom, Six Organs Of Admittance, White Magic, Matt Valentine, CocoRosie, Vashti Bunyan and many more on the 2004 Golden Apples Of The Sun compilation in Arthur Magazine. This collection was called “Essential” by Mojo Magazine.

- Diane has played with Cocorosie, Devendra Banhart, Genesis P-Orridge, Kimya Dawson, Herman-Dune, Barry Bliss, Jeffrey Lewis and many more.


1.01. Untitled

1.02. Save Me

1.03. God Made It Rain

1.04. Heat From Every Corner

1.05. Hover Not

1.06. Macy's Day Bird

1.07. Untitled

1.08. A Beast In A Barn

1.09. Yatzee Dice

1.10. I Liked You As Soon As I Saw You

1.11. Battlefield Nurse

1.12. Impatient Sun

1.13. Untitled


2.01. Crash Through The Half-Light

2.02. Casting About

2.03. Pathway To Eden

2.04. I'm Yr Here-I-Am

2.05. Focus On Their Eyes

2.06. The Party Tonight


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