The all new RP1, fit with installed Rega Carbon Cartridge


Available in white, silver & dark gray

Included in price is 2 free Important Records LPs of your choice.


For years Important Records has used Rega turntables exclusively as a reference turntable for listening to test pressings and for serious recreational listening as well. After years of using old Pioneers sourced from yard sales and ebay I finally invested in a high quality turntable in the interest of preserving my records and achieving a higher quality of sound. Not only will a high quality turntable provide your record collection with dynamic new life but you'll also protect your valuable records. Upgrade to a turntable that matches the quality of your collection.

Here's an unsolicited email we got from a customer who recently picked up a P1:

"Hey, I gotta tell you, buying that turntable was the best purchase ever! It's like I have a whole new record collection! Clean, transparent and warm, it's really amazing. Thanks!"


The all new Rega RP1 Turntable

Designed and engineered to achieve outstanding performance way beyond the expectations of a product at this price point.

Excellent build quality, reliability and ease of use combine to make a product which will offer a lifetime of musical enjoyment. Omitting all the usual gimmicks allows us to concentrate the manufacturing costs on the high quality parts necessary to reproduce records accurately.

Using a manual speed change rather than an automatic mechanism, eliminates speed inconsistencies and reduces wear of the drive belt. The money we save is spent across the design including a new hand assembled RB101 tonearm, precision main bearing, phenolic resin platter and a high quality low vibration motor which would normally be used on a turntable costing two or three times the amount.

The minimalist design of the Rega RP1 and the use of extremely high quality components ensure that this turntable will last for many years. The RP1 is the first in a new generation of Rega turntables offering far greater performance than their predecessors.

We are confident the performance of this amazing new product will impress you. Rest assured the only thing entry level about the RP1 is the price!

The all new completely British-made RP1 features:

  • Brand new Rega RB101 tonearm.
  • Precision main bearing and sub-platter assembly.
  • High quailty low vibration motor.
  • All new Phenolic resin flywheel effect platter for excellent speed stability.
  • Rega Carbon moving magnet cartridge.
  • Rega sound quality at an unrivalled price.

"The Rega P1 marks the first time in my experience that a designer whose work sometimes ranks with the very best you can buy, has created an audio component this affordable. And by affordable I don't mean relatively affordable, as with our favorite entry-level Koetsus, entry-level Wilsons, and even entry-level Linns. I mean affordable as in cheap, as in sane, as in reachable by anyone with a job.

The all-English-made Rega P1 also marks the first time in recent memory that a high-tech company hasn't resorted to outsourcing in order to bring to market a high-quality, very-high-value product. Kudos to Roy Gandy for his ingenuity in doing so, and for keeping Rega's work among Rega's people.

Consider: A brand-new SME Model 30 record player costs approximately $35,000 when equipped with its companion Series V tonearm. I've never had one in my system, but I suppose that the 30 is at least pretty good, and that buying one would be an effective way of making yourself happy. Then again, you could use the same amount of money to buy a hundred or so Rega P1s and give them to a hundred or so friends whose music-buying habits could benefit from the motivational equivalent of a good, swift kick in the ass. That would probably bring lots of happiness into the world as well. Very strongly recommended. "