Throbbing Grilstle Buddha Machine


Chrome-colored version.


The Chrome edition requires 2 AAA batteries (not included).

01. Persuasion
02. Hamburger Lady
03. Twenty Jazz Funk Greats
04. Thank You Brian
05. Maggot Death
06. Rabbit Snare
07. Lyre Liar
08. Wimpy Bar
09. Sex String Theory
10. Heathen Earth
11. Industrial Intro
12. R & D
13. After After Cease To Exist


Throbbing Gristle and Buddha Machine creator/FM3 member Christiaan Virant have teamed up to create GRISTLEISM -- part industrial sound machine, part noise instrument.

- Features 13 original loops of TG experimental noise, industrial drone and classic melodies and rhythms.
- More loops and almost twice the frequency range of the original Buddha Machines.
- Chrome version powered by two AAA batteries (not included).
- Features a built-in speaker, volume control, pitch-shift controller, and loop selector.
- Available in three colors: black, red, and chrome.

"Perfect for those days when you need some background music to go along with dissecting dead animals or staring at TV static." --Pitchfork